The 5 Best Corporate Wellness Retreat Locations

16th January 2024

If you are planning a corporate wellness retreat several items should be considered. For example, at a silent retreat you would want a large country house or small hotel where you can control the noise as much as possible. The location should be well-heated with the possibility of a large open space to do yoga and meditation. There should be plenty of outside space maybe a swimming pool, hiking trails and hammocks to laze around on during your time off. Make sure to hire a catering company at your wellness retreat location or ask for a vegetarian menu from the hotel to keep everyone healthy with tons of energy. Remember to put the phones away and enjoy the team building activities.

Here is the 5 best corporate wellness retreat locations:

Source: Masia Escrigas

1. Masia Escrigas, Sant Maria de Merles, Spain

Masia Escrigas in Sant Maria de Merles is a perfect location to hold your next corporate wellness retreat. With 11 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms there is space for 18 people comfortably in their own beds. The house boasts a swimming pool and tennis court as well as a beautiful river and waterfall 10 minute walk away.

The country house is off the beaten track so it is perfect location to hold a corporate silent retreat or be completely private and enjoy your team-building activities without anyone looking in on you. The owner Laura Casanova is very kind and she will go above and beyond any request you need. If you want to just hold a corporate team building lunch they also have a fantastic area to rent out for the day that is only 15€per person.

2. Grand Hotel Palladium, Siesta, Ibiza, Spain

The second best, location to bring your executives on a corporate wellness retreat is by the beach. Having a beach location will allow you to easily enjoy waterfront activities such as boat rides, kayaking, snorkelling, paddle boarding and swimming. Getting out on the water can be a great way to reduce stress and relax from the stresses at the office. Sometimes a little too much partying happens at beach locations so be mindful and keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum or even discourage drinking completely.

A fabulous small hotel on the east side of Ibiza in a town called Siesta is a lovely small 5 star hotel called the Grand Hotel Palladium that is perfect for a corporate wellness retreat. There are even saunas, and hot tubs in the spa that you can enjoy as a team. Located on the quieter side of the island you are able to enjoy the island of Ibiza without all the partying. Going to several shopping markets and taking a trip to Formentera is a must do on this wellness retreat. The hotel is so lovely and relaxing when it is full you never feel like there are too many people there. It is the perfect location for a wellness corporate retreat.

Source: Heather Mountain Lodge

3. Heather Mountain Lodge, British Colombia, Canada

The third best location to hold a corporate wellness retreat is in the mountains. In Golden, British Colombia, Canada Heather Mountain Lodge is the place to be. If you want to go off the beaten path the middle of nowhere in Canada should be at the top of your list. You will be nestled up to the mountains and you can enjoy hiking or mountaineering experiences, rafting on the Kicking HorseRiver, a trip up the gondola at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, or a visit to the Golden Skybridge. With 22 beautiful rooms overlooking nature it is a perfect location for a corporate wellness retreat.

Source: Yurbban Passage Hotel and Spa

4. Yurrban Passage Hotel and Spa, Barcelona, Spain

The fourth best location to hold a corporate wellness retreat is in the city. The biggest benefit of having your retreat in a city is it has easy access to airports and tons of activities and restaurants are at your fingertips. Yurrban Passage Hotel and Spa in Barcelona has the perfect combination of luxury and calm with all the perks of being in the centre of the city. You can organize a bike tour or even have your own private team-building cooking class in the hotel. Of course, there is an inside and outside pool with a sauna to enjoy during your down time.

Source: Xalet de Prades

5. Xalet de Prades, Spain

The final best location to hold a corporate wellness retreat is glamping. Xalet de Prades is an experience in nature all on its own with tree houses and igloos nestled amongst the Prades mountains in a national park. From your igloo you can observe the night sky with a 360º transparent ceiling. There is a breakout room as well as a restaurant and small spa on the premise. Xalet de Prades is less than two hours from Barcelona, Spain and suits larger corporate groups up to 150 people.

Whether you want to be in silence, in nature, up in the mountains, by the beach or glamping these wellness retreat locations will surely host a great corporate wellness retreat. Remember that the best location to have a corporate wellness retreat is where you can find amazing outdoor activities and healthy eating options.

If you need some help organizing your next corporate wellness retreat Silent Focus would be more then happy to assist you in anything you need. Please get in touch for more information.