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Bringing connection through wellness, meditation and silence to create the ultimate team building experience.

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Silence isn’t just the absence of noise. It’s a presence that brings us energy, clarity, and a deeper connection.

– Justin Zorn & Leigh Marz

We listen, produce, and strive for excellence

We understand that employee mental health and well-being is not the same across industries and teams, therefore we listen to your challenges and provide tailor-made wellness retreats to suit your company needs.

It all begins with a conversation. We get to know your business and then start creating an all-inclusive silent corporate retreat that will accomplish your goals. Our small dedicated team have been working together for over 8 years creating retreats, trainings and seminars in Spain and Europe.


Benefits Of Our Corporate Retreats


You can increase your self-awareness by remaining silent. Moreover, you get the chance to observe and accept your feelings and opinions without judging them. You will leave knowing things about your personality that will help you develop into a better person.

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Benefits Of Our Corporate Retreats


Your mind needs to be calm and relaxed to help you innovate new and creative ideas and find solutions to your personal and business problems. Your concentration will be increased from being mindful.  While practicing meditation you will have the ability to pay closer attention to your tasks.

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Benefits Of Our Corporate Retreats


Placing conflicting team members close to each other during silent meditation and yoga can help their relationship due to the science of proximity. Spending time in silence creates a real team experience where everyone goes on their own journey but shares it as a group.

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Benefits Of Our Corporate Retreats


Silence can help you set the dimension of mindfulness with multiple associated mental health benefits. Being mindful can help you reduce anxiety and stress and calm your nervous system. It helps settle your mind and body and redirects you to the present moment.

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Our silent corporate retreats

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You will be staying in the countryside amongst the birds, insects and beautiful lush green forests.

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Yoga & Breathwork

Movement and breathwork will allow you to find flexibility and strength as well as connecting yourself more to your emotional mind and body.

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Group seated meditation will draw you inside and allow you to become comfortable with being still and staying focused.

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In silence without technology, anxiety and stress will disappear. You can attend the planned activities, relaxed with no need to worry about the day to day life stresses.

Mental wellbeing through silence

We specialize in mental wellbeing through silence. We take all technology away and ask people to move in silence throughout the day. Movement exercises, art projects and seated meditations are introduced to make the experience more profound. The reflection during silence for the participants of the company is astounding. Stopping the chatter of the mind allows people to leave the retreat more focused and pay attention to their tasks. They are happy and often have breakthroughs in the mind that you would never think possible, all because you sat in silence for a couple of days.

Team building and relationships amongst employees will become stronger as they feel a connection to their coworkers. Participants are so happy the silence is over they stop complaining when they speak and just feel grateful, focused and compassionate towards the other participants in the program. It is the ultimate team building exercise for your business. Coworkers experience a remarkable journey together and it is amazing how close you can become to someone when you meditate in silence beside them.

The side effects of the retreat are often felt weeks and even months after leaving, and your employees will feel refreshed, focused and ready for what life has to offer them at home and at work.

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Your focus will be lazer sharp and you will be very focused on what you want to do and accomplish when you leave the retreat. The energy you receive from meditation and silence is like nothing you have experienced before. The focused energy you are getting is very acute and can be concentrated towards any outcome you wish.

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You will feel an overwhelming sense of balance in the mind and body. You will have enjoyed not having technology in your life and finally feel balanced and refreshed. Being in nature has a calming effect on the nervous system and when you add silence into the equation, the body and mind just feels calm and in balance.

Retreat testimonials

“Coming back from the silence was amazingly refreshing. I feel so in shape and my mind is so sharp! I didn’t expect such wonderful side effects.”

– Myrna Hausséguy, Vice-President, EMEA & Asia, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

“Thank you sooo much for all these recipes and the lovely follow up. A few weeks since the retreat and I am still feeling it! Thank you so much again for the space you created… no one could do it quite like you both do. I am so grateful!”

– Teagon Borland, Canada

Participating in Silent Focus corporate retreat in Catalonia was an incredibly profound and enriching experience. Without the need for verbal communication, I was able to truly listen to my inner voice, gaining clarity and a deeper understanding of myself. The silence also provided a unique opportunity to connect with other participants on a profound level, sharing a sense of camaraderie and support without the need for words.

– Angela Gaspar, Double G Consulting