Corporate Silent Retreats

Enjoy the luxury of silence as a team in the middle of nature.

We listen, produce, and strive for excellence

We recommend a minimum of 24hrs of silence for all our retreats. The longer the time in silence the greater the benefit to the employees and executives at the company.

Most of our silent retreats are from two to four nights depending on your budget and/or your company’s needs.

We have several experts on staff that can provide workshops to the participants in leadership, mindfulness, chakras, breathing or ayurveda to name a few. If there is a seminar or something you would like to include at your business retreat, please just ask us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Silent retreat activities

Feel free to include any of the following activities in your corporate silent retreat:

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Meditation icon


Breathwork icon


Art Projects icon

Art Projects

Team Building icon

Team Building

Leadership Seminar icon

Leadership Seminar

Silent Brainstorming icon

Silent Brainstorming

Ecstatic Meditation icon

Ecstatic Meditation

Silent Hikes icon

Silent Hikes

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Sattvic Cooking Class icon

Sattvic Cooking Class

Fire Burning Ceremony icon

Fire Burning Ceremony

If the participants are remote workers, we suggest having some team building exercises or a meeting and a meal together before going into silence. This will encourage connection amongst your staff and make everyone feel more comfortable.

How a corporate silent retreat is organized

Companies often use these retreats as a reset or to solve an organizational issue in the business. Intentions set at the beginning of the silent portion of the retreat can be used to help employees create solutions to problems imposed on an organization. Silent brainstorming can encourage anonymous breakthroughs that can then be discussed during a team meeting when the silent portion of the retreat is finished.

As there are several logistical guidelines to follow during a corporate silent retreat, we hold an opening discussion where we explain how everything works and your executives can ask all the questions they need before handing over their mobile phones and starting the silent portion of the retreat.

Generally on the first day of the retreat there is a team meeting and a dinner where everyone can talk and connect.  On day two this is what a typical day might look like at a corporate silent retreat:

7:15 – Pranayama (Breathing)
7:30 – Meditation
8:15 – Yoga
9:30 – Breakfast
11:30 – Art Project or Silent Brainstorming
14:00 – Lunch
16:00 – Meditation
17:00 – Yoga Nidra
17:30 – Silent Hike
19:00 – Dinner
20:30 – Fire Burning Ceremony (Removing fears or setting intentions)
21:30 – Meditation at the Fire

Overcoming the fear of silence

Silence can seem overwhelming for some people and we do everything in our power to make the experience enjoyable and relaxing. It is common for participants to go through things mentally such as boredom, constant repetition of thoughts, fears from the past or future, or find solutions to problems they have been thinking about for months. We always encourage the participants to accept anything that comes up and to try not to attach themselves to the stories in their heads. It is best to stay mindful and present as much as possible.

If someone in your team has any major mental illness it is advisable to discuss this with us before coming on the retreat.

Masia Escrigas, Berguedà

Silent Retreat Locations

Masia Escrigas

Catalonia, Spain

Masia Escrigas is a country home that was built in 1905. The grounds boast a magnificent swimming pool and tennis court as well as several cows and other animals on the property. Within a 5min walk there is a beautiful river and several waterfalls to enjoy during your stay. There are 11 bedrooms with 8 bathrooms, perfect for a smaller group. This location is approximately one hour drive from Barcelona, Spain.

The Vedanta, Lincolnshire

Silent Retreat Locations

The Vedanta

Lincolnshire, UK

Nestled amongst 75 acres of woodlands, meadows and lakes is The Vedanta; a Grade II listed Elizabethan estate in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. There are 40 bedrooms, two lounge breakout rooms, dining for up to 150 people, large seminar room for 120 people and leisure facilitates including: indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, gym and games room.

Xalet de Prades, Catalonia, Spain

Silent Retreat Locations

Xalet de Prades

Catalonia, Spain

Xalet de Prades is an experience in nature all on its own with tree houses and igloos nestled amongst the Prades mountains in a national park. From your igloo you can observe the night sky with a 360º transparent ceiling. There are several breakout rooms as well as restaurant and small spa on the premise. Xalet de Prades is less than 2hrs from Barcelona, Spain and can accommodate up to 150 people.

Masia La Garriga, Catalonia, Spain

Silent Retreat Locations

Masia La Garriga

Catalonia, Spain

La Garriga de Castelladral is a medieval country house built in 1862 that the Roca Barbé family restored in 1998 with love and turned into a beautiful Eco Hotel. The hotel has 20 stunning rooms, swimming pool, library, restaurant, and a small spa with a thermal pool. It is one hour away from Barcelona, Spain.

Generally, we hold the retreats in country houses or hotels about 30min to 1.5hrs from Barcelona airport. All our locations are in nature however if you request a beach location I am sure we can accommodate that as well. Upon request we can prepare retreats in any location throughout Europe, USA or Canada.

Please schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your retreat specifics.

What type of food is prepared at a corporate silent retreat?

Plant-based meals will be prepared by the Silent Focus team or hotel catering, according to Sattvic principles (from Ayurveda), which aid meditation and digestion. Sattvic food does not contain caffeine, onion, garlic, hot spices or processed sugar, that stimulates the mind or hinders digestion. We try and limit gluten as well. Please let us know of any food allergies you might have when you sign up.

If your retreat has less then 20 participants, we are able to prepare the food ourselves. Depending on the location we will use the catering available from the hotel and with the help of our menus and snacks we will make it a fantastic culinary detox.

We understand that a corporate silent retreat is a new concept…

…for the corporate world but we believe that silence is the solution to the wellbeing of your employees at your business. Being in silence has so many employee benefits from improved productivity of the workforce to finding solutions to organizational problems that it only makes sense that companies capitalize on the benefits of these types of wellness retreats.

Silent Focus has been working for over 5 years running silent retreats and we know what works for the mind and body so trust us in making your bespoke corporate silent retreat a huge success.

We generally work with leadership teams of 10-50 executives close to Barcelona, London and other parts of Europe. We are an all-inclusive corporate silent retreat company with a multitude of luxury venues and locations to choose from. We guarantee silence will change the way your executive team will think and come back to the office more productive and energized.

Retreat testimonials

Heather and Lezanne’s background in yoga, meditation and different types of healing makes them the perfect hosts for a corporate silent retreat. I have been on various retreats with them and each time I have made the most of the beautiful surroundings, silence, a calmed mind and delicious ayurvedic food. They have managed to find the perfect space: a gentle balance between our busy world and the quiet mind. I would recommend their retreats to anyone, in any line of work, at any time of their lives.”

– Louise Keohane, Ireland

“I attended a silent retreat in March run by Silent Focus. It was my first ever silent retreat, and I didn’t really know what to expect. The experience was profound and healing. I left energised and ready to face the hustle and bustle of life and business with a new lease on life! The event itself was exceptionally well organised. The food was incredible, and the atmosphere organised but relaxed. I couldn’t have imagined a better experience and will be returning for more of these events without question!”

– Adrian Shiel, UK