The 6 Best Corporate Wellness Retreat Companies in Europe

18th March 2024

Deciding on a corporate wellness retreat or offsite can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Here are the 6 best corporate wellness retreat companies we found in Europe.

Creates Space Retreats

Create Space Retreats is based in the UK and brings the feeling of a regular retreat you would go on as an individual to a business team. They bring in all sorts of healthy sport activities such as Pilates, hiking and/or surfing as well as team building activities like cooking classes or song writing. You can download their brochure online and costs start from 620pounds per person per day depending on location.

Silent Focus

If you want something very unique then Silent Focus is the best corporate wellness retreat in Europe. They focus on silence as the key to providing attention, productivity and energy to your team. They require a minimum of 24hrs of silence at all their retreats which means you must give them your phone and put all reading material away as you embark on a journey of silence and contemplation. They bring in meditation techniques, movement such as yoga and hiking as well as art projects and breathwork to expand your experience even further. The food is a real detox for the body and mind which is guided by a sattvic diet which means there is no sugars, caffeine, onion, garlic, meat products or dairy. This allows you to come out with more energy when you leave the retreat.

Silent Focus have unique activities such as fire burning ceremonies, silent brainstorming and ecstatic dance. It will be like nothing you have been on before and you will leave relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected to your team. Silent Focus runs retreats in both Spanish or English.

Zen Events

Zen Events specializes in mindfulness corporate retreats. They can incorporate any group size and do most of their retreats in the UK. They do a combination of yoga, mindfulness and sound healing to allow your team to leave happy and energized. Prices are based on group size, schedule and location.

Source: Corporate Wellness Retreats

The Yoga Wellness Company & Corporate Wellness Retreats

The Yoga Wellness Company is founded by Jennifer Ellis, she is a yoga teacher and brings in fine dining, stunning locations and yoga to your corporate wellness retreats in the UK and Europe. They specialize in hand picking your luxury location that includes spa facilities, fine dining, team building exercises, yoga and meditation.

Estudio Flow

Susana Martinez runs Estudio Flow, a beautiful studio and holds corporate retreats as well near Valencia, Spain. If you are looking for a Spanish speaking retreat this could be a good fit for you. Susana is an expert in teaching yoga and providing interesting activities like nutrition or paddle surfing.

Work Tripp

Work Tripp has a directory of several corporate wellness retreat and offsite options. You can pick different seminars, locations and experiences all by a click of a finger. You are also able to search by price which is a huge benefit. They specialize in unique and different experiences so your team can enjoy anything from a leadership seminar to a silent retreat. If you are not sure what you are looking for Work Tripp is a good option for your team as there is so much variety on their website.

This list is a great start in finding the best corporate wellness retreat in Europe. If you want further personalized help do not hesitate to contact the Silent Focus team.