Wellness Team Building

15th May 2024

Team building is the process of creating a cohesive and efficient group of individuals who work together towards a common goal. It involves various activities, exercises, and strategies aimed at improving communication, collaboration, trust, and morale among team members. Team building activities can range from simple icebreakers and trust exercises to more complex problem-solving challenges and group projects. The ultimate goal of team building is to enhance teamwork, boost productivity, foster creativity, and strengthen the overall performance of the team.

As companies become more remote team building has become a very important part of the corporate culture. Finding unique places to meet and doing activities together creates the bonds needed for organizations to thrive.

Anything from a cooking class to a scavenger hunt as a group can be a team building experience. The list of options on the market is endless for team building activities. Wellness team building has become popular as employees are wanting to find balance and relieve stress from their busy careers while still connecting as a team. We are always trying to find some relief from our hectic work schedules and family lives and a wellness team building activity may be exactly what your team needs.

Here is a list of wellness team building activities and why they may prove to be the right fit for your company:

Hiking in Nature:

Getting outdoors and doing exercise is a great way to relieve stress, it is accessible to most people and a fantastic way to connect with your team while relaxing amongst the trees. Try doing it in silence, you will be surprised what you see in the forest and on the ground when you walk in silence. Everything is more vivid and your hearing becomes more acute to the sounds of outside. You will also be amazed at how connected you feel to nature and the other members of the group.


Find a fabulous chef and get your hands dirty. For smaller teams a group cooking class could be a great way for everyone to make something together. Depending on the country you live in you can even tie it into the culture. For example, in Spain making a paella is a great way to learn a traditional dish as well as building relationships as a team while you cook. An added bonus is you get to eat lunch together after you make it! Imagine doing it in silence, would it become more complicated? Or maybe your team would just laugh the whole time. Encouraging a healthy dish as a team building experience would create a more wellness approach to your team building activity. Another plus is a cooking class can be done anywhere from outside in nature to a cooking school in a major city.

Art Project:

Creating a group mandala could be an amazing team building experience. Get the paint or markers ready and as a group you can start colouring in your masterpiece. Adding a nice wellness touch would be doing the art project outside in nature. Gathering leaves, branches, flowers and other things you find on the ground to create a huge art project together. The experience could even become more profound when doing it in silence and noticing how you work as a team without even speaking a word.


Anything from yoga to racing in a relay can connect members of a team. Perhaps going on the water and learning how to sail a boat could connect you and the people you work with.

Scavenger Hunt:

Ready, Set, Go. As a team or in pairs find all the items in the list in a city or in nature and bring them back to home base. The first team that wins gets a prize. To make it more of a wellness reward perhaps the team that wins might get to go to a nice vegan restaurant together or enjoy a relaxing day at a spa.


Get your compass and a map and work as a team to get from one place to another. This could be extremely interesting to see how people can work as a team and foster leadership skills. Trying to find a random statue in a city or hike to an abandoned castle in the forest is a great way for the team to use their problem-solving skills. Dropping the employees off in the middle of nature and asking them to find their way to where you will eat a healthy lunch is a great way to get them motivated and make it more of a wellness adventure.

Whatever team building activity you choose to do it is always best to create the event offsite from the place they normally work. It gets the employees out of their work heads and provides an outlet for connection that cannot be achieved in the office. Allowing a wellness break team building experience makes the day even more profound by giving some much needed away time in nature which will bring the team back more relaxed and ready to start working again.

Perhaps try something new and trust Silent Focus in your next team building experience and bring in wellness and a little silence into your offsite. Visit our offsite page for more information or call contact the Silent Focus team.