Navigating Challenges in Corporate Retreat Planning in Spain

25th June 2024

Navigating the world of corporate retreat planning can be a challenge when there are so many options to choose from. Everything from the budget, participant preferences, location, activities and logistics need to be addressed.

Here are some tips and strategies for companies when planning and executing a corporate retreat:

1. Budget

The budget for the company retreat is probably the most important aspect that most companies need to keep in mind. Normally you would need to spend approx 600€-2000€ per person per day depending on the activities and location you choose. This number could be lower based on the number participants, as the larger the group the lower the cost per person.

Step one would be to decide on how many days and how many people the company can budget for and go from there.

Make sure to remember to factor in the logistics when considering the budget as getting to a middle of nowhere location may become costly if your team are travelling from all over Europe. Not to mention the cost of flights as well with so many remote workers it is inevitable that the team might be flying in from a multitude of locations.

2. Participant Preferences

Every employee will have an opinion when choosing a corporate retreat so it will be hard to decide what to do so make it simple and break it down to three ideas and get the team to pick which one they like best. One could be a city retreat, the second corporate retreat could be a wellness retreat in nature, and the third could be an adventure retreat by the beach.

Sometimes not having input from the team might also be wise. Have a small group of executives decide for the entire group.

Another idea on deciding what to do is asking some questions about the retreat. Why is the company going on the retreat? What do you as a team want to get out of the offsite? How do you want the employees to feel during the corporate retreat? How do you want the team to feel after the retreat ends?

Having a set objective for the corporate retreat may make it easier to decide what type of corporate event would work best.

3. Location

There are so many locations in Spain to choose from when you are considering a corporate retreat. Everything from renting out a large house on your own, glamping, a beach getaway, a ski vacation, a city retreat at a hotel or even a corporate silent retreat in nature. If you are able to find a large enough house and provide your own catering and activities sometimes that option can be the most budget conscious. Having an expert like Silent Focus or using a travel event company may make organizing the event location easier. There are also several websites that you can use to help you pick the venue and add in activities all at a click of a finger.

Everything always goes back to the objective of the corporate retreat. Figure out why you are going and pick a location based on your goals.

4. Activities

Once the location is decided, the activities should prove to be an easier task. Perhaps the location you have chosen can do all the activities for you, using a venue to help out with activities makes the activities easier to organize. If you are in a city then there would be once again a lot of options available. As mentioned above in “Participant Preferences” try the three option idea when asking the team what they would prefer to do in a city, for example, a cooking class with local cuisine, wine tasting and/or a team building adventure. Also deciding the activities in a small executive group for the whole team works well too.

Bringing some wellness activities may prove to keep the retreat more balanced and less stressful. Staying away from too many alcoholic drinking events is always recommended. You want the team coming back refreshed and rejuvenated not exhausted and hungover.

5. Logistics

Logistics can sometimes be a little bit of a nightmare. Where is everyone coming from? If the retreat is in a city logistics are easier as everyone can take taxis or public transport from the airport. However, if the corporate retreat is a wellness silent retreat for example then coordinating with the retreat centre, hotel or car rental/bus company may need to be arranged. Hiring a company to help with the flights and transport might make the whole logistics aspect a lot easier.

Here are a couple of event management companies in Europe that may help with planning your next corporate retreat in Spain.

Total Management Group
Very large and well known event management company that focuses on larger groups. They are experts in organization and have a very good reputation.

Tuset Eventos
Local Spanish based event management company.

When planning a corporate retreat always keep in mind the objective of why you are going on the retreat. After you have answered some of the whys all the other aspects including budget, participant preferences, location, activities and logistics will fall into place.

If you are interested in doing a corporate silent retreat in Spain or anywhere else in Europe please allow the Silent Focus team to assist you. Visit a breakdown of some of the activities we offer on our corporate silent retreats or contact us directly.

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